Let’s get to 100 Medium “crypto” followers

2 min readDec 2, 2021
CryptoNewsPipe community

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We promised ourselves we wouldn’t jump on board and write a follower essay, yet here we are :) What we hadn’t considered was how time-consuming it would be to achieve that all-important holy grail of 100 followers — we are new to the Medium platform and currently have 2 :( Therefore here we are, writing about followers in order to get followers.
The #followforfollow trend is used to gain as many followers as whoever is posting could achieve, yet these people go on a massive unfollowing binge afterwards. Loyalty is a rare attribute in the social media world, and this, unfortunately, applies to all followers.

We made the decision not to unfollow anyone after we follow them, and we are an established cryptocurrency website, so you can count on us to post (almost) daily articles — therefore we will be on Medium as often as we are posting and will check for new followers so that we can follow YOU back.

We enjoy spending time on this platform and reading your articles, so you can also count on us to clap what you’ve posted. Feel free to follow, clap, comment — as long as you follow us, we will follow you back.

If you’d like to have a look at our website for some cool #crypto stuff, feel free to check-out CryptoNewsPipe.

HODL y’all :)