Reasons to Avoid Using a Laptop for Crypto Mining

3 min readApr 4, 2022
Reasons to Avoid Using a Laptop for Crypto Mining

Cryptocurrency is a hot topic these days, particularly when it comes to cryptocurrency mining. If you’re looking for the best laptop for cryptocurrency mining, we’re sorry to inform you that there isn’t one.


While it is true that almost any computing device can mine cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum or Bitcoin, doing so with a laptop is a bad idea. There’s a reason why most bitcoin mining operations are massive and employ dozens of the market’s most powerful graphics cards. It requires a lot of power to be profitable, generates a lot of heat, and is hard on the mining hardware. Even an elevated gaming laptop isn’t powerful enough to make laptop mining worthwhile.


Not enough power

And, while your laptop will be working overtime, the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) will be doing the majority of the work. Laptops do not use the same GPU as desktop computers. Instead, most laptops include an integrated GPU, and even high-end gaming laptops do not have as powerful GPUs as a desktop.

Simply put, standard consumer-grade laptops lack sufficient power. CPUs are usually paired-down models, and GPUs are even less powerful than dedicated desktop models.

Mining rigs are equipped with the most powerful graphics cards on the market, as well as plenty of cooling and the ability to handle extreme loads. A laptop’s graphics will not pay you nearly as much as a discrete graphics card.

Excessive heat

If you haven’t noticed a theme here, it’s that we keep returning to heat. Heat or thermal management is one of the most important aspects of performance. All computers, big and small, have several design elements that are specifically designed to manage heat. This is done to keep temperatures within a certain range in order to provide the best performance.

When a laptop reaches these temperatures, its performance suffers. This is because the operating system throttles (limits) both the CPU and GPU to try to alleviate the high temperatures.

When a small, thin, poorly cooled laptop is forced to mine cryptocurrency 24 hours a day, it will become extremely hot, suffer…