Want Your NFTs to Be Liquid? Here Are the Best Choices for 2022

4 min readAug 8, 2022
Want Your NFTs to Be Liquid? Here Are the Best Choices for 2022

Not all NFT loan and liquidity systems are made equal, and some may provide more benefits and flexibility.

These days, we use our digital assets for a variety of purposes, including trading, locking, and everything in between. But one method of leveraging assets that is quickly winning over the industry is using them as collateral for fiat or cryptocurrency loans.

Yes, you may not need to sell an NFT or any other digital asset if you have one laying around and need money. As an alternative, you can obtain a loan using the asset as security by going to one of the various NFT borrowing and lending services. NFT holders will undoubtedly find this to be very convenient, but what is the greatest choice currently available?

Which platform offers the greatest bargain out of all the ones that promise to pay you for your NFT?

1. NFTuloan

The fact that NFTuloan accepts NFTs of almost every kind, including art, collectibles, domain names, music, photography, sports, trading cards, utilities, and even virtual worlds, is one of its strongest features.


The website‘s process is incredibly quick and simple; simply link your NFT wallet, get an estimate for whatever asset you choose, specify your loan length, and then apply. The site is live on the Ethereum testnet. If your application is approved, your money will be transferred to your Ethereum wallet in a matter of seconds along with an astonishingly low interest rate.

You can take advantage of the market in the long or short term thanks to NFTuloan’s flexible loan periods, which range from one hour to thirty days. NFTuloan offers staking of up to 30% APR for ETH tokens in addition to only enabling you acquire liquidity for your assets. This is one of the highest APRs in the market and lets its users profit in more ways than one. The company has also recently announced that it will go live on mainnet in the next 2 weeks.

2. NFTfi